Zytel® NylonPA66

Zytel nylon resin Providing the unique combination of strength, toughness, chemical resistance and high temperature performance. By its good performance and ease of injection molding or extrusion processing characteristics for the automotive, electrical / electronics, and a variety of other industrial and consumer products manufacturing reliable, cost-effective parts.
Designers and forming the option of using a variety of grades of Zytel. They are different types of nylon polymer as a main component and containing a variety of improved performance ingredients. Zytel nylon resin is the most widely used standard PA66 and PA6 polymer as the main ingredient, these two components provide rigidity, strength and toughness in a wide temperature range, and to provide a slightly different combinations. The resin as a main component to nylon 66/6 copolymer, and PA66 and 6 communion was further extended the scope of the combination of properties. PA612 resin as a main component moisture absorption is less than the standard nylon, superior dimensional stability and chemical resistance and other properties.
A nylon polymer family all specifications are in use or processing modifier to improve certain aspects of the performance. These modification agents include: enhanced, toughener, plasticizing agents, flame retardants, heat stabilizers, UV stabilizers, carbon black, colorants, lubricants, nucleating agent, a polymer modifier.

Common levelPure nylon101L、101F、103SHL
Glass fiber reinforced seriesGlass content15%70G13L、70G13HS1L
Glass content25%70G25HSLR、FE5480HS
Glass content38%70G33L、70G33HS1L、70G35HSLR A4
Glass content40%+70G43L、70G50HSLA、77G43L
Toughening seriesGlass contentST801A、MT409AHS、ST801
Glass content15%80G14A、80G14HS、8018
Glass content25%80G25HS
Glass content38%80G33HS1L
Glass content40%+80G43HS1L
Flame Retardant - General (non-halogen flame retardants)Glass contentFR7025V0F*、FR7026V0F*
Glass content25%FR50
Minlon - mineral reinforced, low warpageGlass content38%22C
Glass content40%+10B40、EFE6053
ExtrusionGlass content42A

Some grades of Zytel fiberglass nylon, other levels For further information, please contact our sales staff.

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