Celcon® Acetal Copolymer(POM)

Celcon acetal copolymer is a plastic engineering thermoplastics, superior performance, wide range of applications, Celcon POM market leader in its excellent processability, long-term use and widely used in more than 40 years history. Celcon acetal copolymer has the following obvious advantages, by the designer and injection molding processors preference.

Has the advantage compared with metalsHas the advantage compared with other materialsHas the advantage compared with the homopolymerization of formaldehyde
Chemical-resistant / corrosion-resistantSelf-lubricating property / low friction coefficientEase of processing a wider range of processing
Designed to be flexibleHigh fatigue strength / good creep resistanceLong-term use of higher performance (creep resistance, fatigue resistance, strength retention)
Easy assemblyGood toughness / impact strengthLow volatility
Low costThe Good Appearance / high hardnessLow odor (no heavy metal coloring is harmless to humans and the environment)
Self-lubricatingHigh strength and high rigidityBetter resistance to UV light
Easy to colorDimensional stabilityMolding cycle is short
High strengthExcellent chemical resistanceLess mold surface residues

Non-enhanced levelStandard GradeM90Series
High viscosity gradeM25Series
Moderate level of liquidityM140Series
High fluidity RatingM270Series
Ultra-high level of liquidityM450Series
High rigidity and high viscosityM15HP
Enhance the level ofFiberglass25%High strength, high stiffness levelGC25A
Glass beads25%High stiffness, low warpage RatingGB25
Inorganic fillerHigh stiffness, low warpageMC90、MC90-HM、MC270、MC270-HM
Abrasion wear resistance levelSpecial lubrication levelM90SW、M90AW
PTEF fill levelLW90-F2
Containing silicone oil levelLW90-S2
Special propertiesBleach resistanceMR90B
Yes LaserLM25、LM90、LM90Z
Weathering grade M90-45H、UV90Z、UV25Z、UV15HPZ
Impact / soft type TX90、M25HT
Static gradesCF801、CF802、EC-90PLUS
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