Vander® Thermoplastic Polyester Alloy

Vander Ticona thermoplastic polyester elastomer modified alloy trade name.
It has the following characteristics:
- High impact strength and notched impact strength, especially at low temperatures under the conditions of
- High heat distortion temperature, especially glass fiber reinforced level
- An organic solvent, fuel and lubricant good corrosion resistance
- High wear resistance
- Good processing properties
- Easy to spray performance
Whether elastomer modified, or non-enhanced level, has a relatively good rigidity. Enhanced through appropriate glass content, can achieve higher rigidity.

Basic LevelExcellent in impact resistance, low temperature impact toughness9116
High impact resistance, high melt flowability, high chemical resistance and weather resistance4602Z
High impact resistance, good low temperature impact toughness, excellent spray2100
Glass fiber reinforced grade7.5%Glass fibers, impact4612R
15%Glass fibers, impact4632Z
30%Glass fibers, impact4662Z
Flame RetardantExcellent impact properties,V-0(0.8mm)8000
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