Fortron® Polyphenylene Sulfide(PPS)

Fortron is a linear, partially crystalline poly (phenylene sulfide). Repeated structural units of the phenylene group and the sulfur atom constituting the main chain of the macromolecule, which gives Fortron many excellent characteristics:

- Continuous use temperature up to 240 ° C, short-term use temperature up to 270 ° C
- Itself a flame retardant (UL 94: V-0, several levels can be reached 5VA)
- Excellent chemical resistance and oxidation resistance
- Very rigid
- Very low moisture absorption rate
- Even under high temperature conditions, creep resistance is also very good!
The combination of these excellent properties Fortron an thermoplastic specialty plastics.
Fortron has good mechanical properties and thermal stability, suitable for a variety of molding processing methods.
The Fortron of the most important applications is to plug in the electrical and electronic industry (for example, multi-point connectors, bobbins, relays, switches, electrical and electronic parts of the package).
Fortron applications in the automotive industry are also increasing (air intake system, pumps, valves, gaskets, exhaust gas recirculation system components).
Fortron is also used to manufacture precision engineering parts.
For more parts used in high stress Fortron alternative light metal alloys, thermoset and many other thermoplastic material of choice.

Unfilled gradeUnmodified0309、0317
Extrusion grade0300、0320
Glass fiber reinforcedUsually the injection molding1140L4、1131L4
High flow1140L6、1140L7
High flow, not easy to produce overflow edge1140E7、1140A64
Halogen-free flame retardant1140LC6
Inorganic reinforced glass fiber /Usually the injection molding6165A4、4184L4
High flow, low distortion, low warpage6165A6
High flow, low distortion, low warpage4665B6
Low viscosity, low corrosion6160B4
High modulus, creep resistance4332L6
 Aramid fiber reinforced35%PPS-AF35-01-US
Long glass fiberPPS-GF30-01、PPS-GF40-01
Long stainless steelPPS-SF6-01、AF3005
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