Amcel® Acetal copolymer POM

Ticona (Ticona) introduced the
Ticona (Ticona) is the Celanese (Celanese), one of its business units, it is the world's leading engineering and high-performance plastics manufacturing and suppliers.
Ticona (Ticona) innovative materials for the automotive, industrial, and other daily necessities industry bring safer, higher-performance products. These innovative materials has been widely used in the industry.
Ticona local production investment in Asia (Ticona) fully reflects the commitment to the region, not only provides engineering thermoplastics in China and Asia, but also to provide customer-oriented application of technical resources and related facilities.

The key attributes of the POM
■ high hardness and rigidity
■ remain good toughness at -40 ℃
■ high resilience
■ Good resistance to thermal deformation properties
■ chemical resistance to organic solvents, diesel and lubricants
■ environmental stress cracking
■ good dimensional stability within the entire operating temperature range,
■ Low water absorption
■ good sliding and friction properties - low coefficient of friction
■ good resistance to electrical properties

Common levelUniversal medium viscosity acetal copolymerKP20
Universal medium viscosity acetal copolymerKP25
The generic low viscosity acetal copolymerKP30

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