Hostaform® Acetal Copolymer(POM)

The Hostaform Ticona (Ticona) acetal copolymer series plastic tradename one, its base resin is polymerized by the trimerization of formaldehyde and a small amount of comonomer.
The Hostaform exhibit good physical properties, is because the polymer has a linear molecular chain structure and high degree of crystallinity.
The comonomer is randomly distributed in the molecular chain, this chemical structure gives a material of high thermal stability and resistance to oxidative degradation of performance.
Acetal copolymer resin notable features are as follows:
  - High toughness (up to -40 ° C)
  - High hardness
  - High rigidity
  - High heat distortion temperature
  - Good electrical properties and dielectric performance
  - Good chemical resistance, such as solvents, fuel, alkalis, zinc (metal plating film)
  - Environmental stress cracking
  - High elasticity
  - Good sliding properties
  - High dimensional stability
  - Ease of processing
The Hostaform as an engineering plastic, has been widely used in various industrial fields, partial replacement of the metal have been using hard natural materials, thermosetting plastics.
With Hostaform molding products not only meet the appearance requirements, but also to meet the functional requirements.
Low the Hostaform plastic processing costs, the availability of common thermoplastic molding method to process.   

Non-enhanced levelStandard GradeC9021
High viscosity gradeC2521
Moderate level of liquidityC13021、C13031
High fluidity RatingC27021
Ultra-high level of liquidityC25021
High rigidity and high viscosityHS15
Enhance the level ofFiberglass26%High strength, high stiffness levelC9021 GV1/30
Fiberglass20%High stiffness, low warpage RatingC9021 GV1/20
Carbon glass fiberHigh rigidity, electrical conductivity, wear resistance LevelEC140CF10
Abrasion wear resistance levelSpecial lubrication levelC9021SW
PTEF fill levelC9021TF
Molybdenum disulfide LevelC9021M
Weathering grade C9021 10/1570
Impact / soft type S9364
S27072 WS10/1570
Static grades C9021EC、EC140CF10
Antistatic conductive ratingEC140XF、EC270TX
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