Celanex® Thermoplastic Polyester(PBT)

The Celanex are a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester Ticona - trade name of poly (butylene terephthalate).
Poly (butylene terephthalate) (PBT) is formed by the polycondensation of terephthalic acid and 1,4 - butanediol. The chemical structure is as follows:

Celanex has the following advantages:
- High-strength
- Good creep resistance
- High heat distortion temperature, especially a glass fiber reinforced level
- High hardness, high rigidity
- Low coefficient of friction and low wear
- High dimensional stability (low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, low water absorption)
- Good electrical properties
- Good chemical resistance
- Good weather resistance
- Environmental stress cracking
- Easy to spray
- Flame-retardant level (UL94: V-0, some grades can reach 5VA)
- High crystallization rate and short molding cycle
Celanex various performance grades for customers to choose:
- Melt viscosity
Different melt viscosity (fluidity), and the molecular weight can be used for injection molding and extrusion molding
- Reinforcing materials such as glass fiber reinforced
Chopped glass fiber bundle to increase the rigidity and heat resistance; performance With a great change in the variation of the glass fiber content
- Filled, such as mineral fillers and glass beads
For low warpage of plastic parts, which is usually glass beads and glass fiberglass fitted together.
- Polymer modifiers
The use of appropriate modifiers, improved surface gloss, impact strength and toughness, and reduces the melting point of raw materials and warpage.   

Non-enhanced levelVery low melt viscosity, melt-blow2008
Very low viscosity2000-2
Low viscosity2003-2、2500
Medium viscosity, high ductility2002-2
Resistance to hydrolysis, impact2001
Glass fiber reinforced grade10%Glass fiber2300 GV1/10
20%Glass fiber2300 GV1/20
30%Glass fiber2300 GV1/30
50%Glass fiber2300 GV1/50
15%Glass fiber, high flow3200-2
30%Glass fiber, high flow3300-2
Glass fiber reinforced polyester alloy, high surface gloss level15%Glass fiber2302 GV1/15、2303 GV1/15
20%Glass fiber2302 GV1/20、2303 GV1/20
30%Glass fiber2302 GV1/30、2303 GV1/30
Low warpage gradeGlass beads enhance the level2300 GV3/20、2300 GV3/30
Glass / mineral reinforced gradesJ600、6400-2、6500
Blend level4306、733LD、1600A、1700A
Impact modifier2004-2、2205
Wear levelUnreinforced2002SW1
Glass fiber reinforced polyester alloy, high surface gloss2302SW1 GV1/20
Flame RetardantUnreinforced2016、2360FL
Glass fiber reinforced grade3216、3316、3314、2360 GV1/10FL
Resistant to hydrolysis level15%Glass fiber3200HR
15%Glass fiber, high flow3209HR
30%Glass fibers, copolymers, higher elongation at break, low-melting3325HR
Medical / pharmaceutical gradeMedium viscosity, high ductility2401MT、2403MT
Low viscosity2402MT
Medium viscosity, low surface tack modified2404MT
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