Compel® Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics(LFT)

Compel is a trademark of the of Ticona longer particles (typical length is 25 mm).
When the processing is carried out, you first need a softer plastics, and then compression molding. The soft processing can be obtained a higher impact strength, and capable of absorbing more energy than the injection molded articles, especially large structural parts.
Compared with the GMT of compression molding, Compel using plasticizing / compression molding process has the following advantages:
- Free to shape a variety of shapes, without cutting
- Plasticizing screw, lower energy requirements
- Low pressure molding
- Melt fluidity
- Even in the fine rib portion, glass is still very uniform distribution
- Good molding surface
- The production of waste generated can be immediately recycled
Compel is PP as the basic fiber content is 30-57%. At present, only glass fiber reinforced level grades.
All grades are heat stabilized.

Glass fiber reinforced30%Glass fiberPP-GF30-04、PP-GF30-05
40%Glass fiberPP-GF40-04、PP-GF40-05
50%Glass fiberPP-GF50-04
57%Glass fiberPP-GF57-05
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