Vectra® Liquid Crystal Polymer(LCP)

The the Vectra trademarks Name covering has good heat resistance thermotropic liquid crystal polymer (LCP).
A significant feature of the liquid crystal polymer is a rigid-rod polymer structure when shearing and stretching action in the plastics processing in the liquid crystalline polymer melt, the rigid molecular chain will be orderly arranged in a fibrous and after cooling of the melt remains.
The thus formed solid is this particular form and structure of the trunk is very similar, the fibrous LCP embedded in the main body, the LCP is also called self-reinforced polymer.
Vectra features include
- Continuous working temperature up to 240 ° C, short-term working temperature up to 340 ° C
- Natural flame retardant (UL94 V-0, some brands 5V-A)
- Excellent chemical resistance and resistance to oxidation
- A high tensile strength and elastic modulus (flow direction)
- High impact strength
- Hotline low coefficient of expansion (similar to steel and ceramic)
- Low heat of fusion (short cycle)
- Injection molding without flash
- Low water absorption
Affected by the high degree of orientation of the molecular chains, Vectra showed significant anisotropy. Strength and rigidity in the direction of orientation of the high while the vertical direction than the direction parallel to the vertical direction, the thermal expansion coefficient value is greater than the value.
Adding fillers and reinforcing materials typically can significantly reduce its anisotropy, reaching the level of the reinforced plastics and other similar.
Vectra is widely used in cooking utensils, electrical and electronic components, connectors, audio / video / business equipment components, medical equipment, automotive and mechanical engineering, fiber and aerospace industry.
Vectra liquid crystal polymer is the polycondensation reaction in the absence of ion production. Therefore, Vectra Ideal for the electronics industry, the application of part of the ion concentration requires less than 5PPM.
For certain member to be subjected to high stress, Vectra alternative lightweight metal alloys, thermosetting materials and other thermoplastic materials of choice.

Standard GradeGlass fiber reinforcedA130、A115
Enhance the level ofHigh rigidityA140、A150
Mineral-filled gradesE540i、S540
Graphite modified levelA625、S625
Lubrication levelWear resistance, low coefficient of frictionA430、A435FDA
High rigidityCarbon fiber reinforcedA230D-3
Glass fiber reinforced, high rigidityB130
Carbon fiber reinforced, high rigidityB230
High temperature enhanced levelPlating gradeE840iLDS、E820i、E820ipd、E830ipd
Ultra-high temperature resistant levelLow warpageE470i、E472i、E473i
High flowE130i、S475、E471i
High-temperature rigidityS135
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