Celstran® Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics(LFT)

Celstran is the Ticona long fiber reinforced thermoplastic particles trade name. Particles for cylindrical (typical geometry: a diameter of 3 mm, length 12 mm), the length of the fiber particles and the particle length is the same.
Compared with the corresponding staple fiber reinforcing material, the long-fiber-reinforced plastic, the most important application performance advantages:
- High mechanical properties;
- Higher notched impact strength;
- Lower creep resistance;
- Under the conditions of high humidity high temperature, the better the stability.
The Celstran include basic and fiber of a variety of possible combinations. They are used in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, fiber length in the production of plastic parts than usual staple fiber reinforced plastic parts much longer.
Practice shows that when the fiber length exceeds a threshold value when sometimes brittle behavior shows that the critical value depends on the combination of fibers and basic; above the critical value, the material exhibits the characteristics of the fiber composite material.
The Celstran stainless steel fiber reinforced level is the weight percentage of 50-60% of the masterbatch. They can be used to produce electromagnetic shielding shell and antistatic components.
At present, the the Celstran most important applications in the automotive. For example, the the shifter lever, and skylights drainage system is produced from this material, because they are subjected to mechanical stress. There are close to the engine parts, such as the set of fan-hood,
Engine noise noise reduction sleeve; Another example is the engine electronic control system shell, these components need to be exposed to additional temperature stress.

Glass fiber reinforced25%Glass fiberPC/ABS-GF25-02
30%Glass fiberPP-GF30-04、PP-GF30-05、TPU-GF-01
40%Glass fiberPP-GF40-04、PP-GF40-05、PA66-GF40-01、PA66-GF40-02、PC/ABS-GF40-02、PBT-GF40-01、PET-GF40-01、PPS-GF40-01、TPU-GF40-01、POM-GF40-01
50%Glass fiberPP-GF50-04、PA66-GF50-01、PA66-GF50-02、PBT-GF50-01、PET-GF50-01、PPS-GF50-01、TPU-GF50-01
57%Glass fiberPP-GF57-05
60%Glass fiberPE-HD-GF60-01、PA66-GF60-01、PA66-GF60-02、TPU-GF60-01
High levels of stainless steel fibers50%Stainless steel fibersPA66-SF50、PA12-SF50、ABS-SF50、PC-SF50、PBT-SF50、PPS-SF50
60%Stainless steel fibersPP-SF60
Carbon fiber30%Carbon fiberPA6-CF30
40%Carbon fiberPA66-CF40-01、PPS-CF40-01、TPU-CF40-01
Aromatic fiber30%Aromatic fiberPOM-AF30-01
35%Aromatic fiberPA66-AF35-026、PPS-AF35-01
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